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Derby Arboretum

a Tale of Two Mummies.

There are two stories of Mummies connected with the Derby Arboretum’s history. The first is better known in Derby, being a Mummy in Derby Museum. This is thought by some to have been donated by [our] Joseph Strutt, he did own one?

The other Mummy’s story helps us understand the great written output by J C Louden.  Did you see the film “The Mummy”?

Films tend to follow books,  but who wrote the first one?

A certain young woman had noticed the success of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein [1818] and she came up with the idea of a mummy being re-animated.

Her book “The Mummy!: or a Tale of the Twenty-Second Century”.

Her name Jane Webb.

A little time after she became Mrs Jane Louden.

When you know of Louden’s works, one can see what a great asset and co-worker Jane Webb was to become.

OK Ladies ;  behind every.......................

Jane worked to finish her and her husband’s written output, you will see her name. She published to demystify Horticulture for Ladies.

So Hollywood and Derby Arboretum and many amateur Gardeners can be grateful for her efforts.



Jane C. Loudon nee Webb

John Louden  1783 - 1843

Jane Louden  1807 - 1858