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Bonnie Prince Charlie's Retreat.


Hollow ways are quite common in old roads, it is the abrasion of traffic on the landscape.  People, beasts and wagons just wear away the soil and rock.  You might like to wander around this area a little.  This hollow way is called Hollow Way [today], its what it ‘is’ and what its named.  [this is common too]

Hollow Way is the old route to Markeaton/Marton Hall, then called ‘Side Gate’.  While in the area especially Markeaton/Marton Hill, consider how defendable the hill is if you were attacked by the English armies?

From Hollow Way entrance you can walk downhill along the Ashbourne rd pavement, about 35/45 paces, look into the woods and the path comes toward you [or away].  Consider the uphill task of the old road, coming up to you and exiting above the wall uphill to your right.  Walk uphill to the 40 mph sign to look into the hollow way exit.

Go back into the Hollow Way entrance and turn first left, for a time there was a house on this spot, and you pass into the yard area.  Continue ahead but do not take any uphill right turns, in a little while you will have banks to your right and the ragged remains of an old hedge to the left, on a steady downhill.  You are on the road this time, behind you should see the place you

looked in from earlier.

Continue on, you can note no ancient Oaks in your way and sometimes a stony surface.  Follow the path within the woods to the bottom where another path crosses.

The reason why some the ground has been uneven becomes apparent, the crossing path is raised well above the natural level.  This covers culvert work to enclose the stream which still runs under here.  On the older map note “Well bridge”, in the shrubs to your left some inspection covers.  Some soil has been robbed out to make this embankment.

In wet weather the ahead route, that of the old road is very difficult going.  You must judge this for yourself on the day, this can be very slippy and soggy ground.  The hedge on your left has gaps which allow you to use the drier path to the outside, and step back at intervals.

If its wet or flooded, go left around the manhole covers and follow with the hedge to your right.

If its dry and you are confident, as its seldom in a ‘not slippy’ condition, go down the bank on the left side following the same hedge, just inside.