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Bonnie Prince Charlie's Retreat.


There are two feint ditches; one near your pathway and the other a short distance to the right.  Feint is the word, all could be flooded over or dry, but if you can see these it helps.

The ditch near you gets closer and ends, whilst the other becomes more defined [and at times is a small stream].  About where this happens, take any near exit through the hedge on your left.  In the turf a low embankment is emerging from the hedge, the hedge as you advance slowly crosses the old road, so the road is soon entirely on the other side of the hedge.  

Proceed outside the hedge to the tarmac path, ...


... the iron gateway on the Crematorium path is now on the other side of the old road, which is seen as a depression topside and embankments below, with the pipe drain which feeds the right side ditch seen earlier.

The road beyond is the continuation of this depression now marked by a line of Poplar trees.  If you have been viewing Google maps, note it is not the line of Conifers which are parallel but which mark the edge of the Crematorium land.

We could not locate a satisfactory link with the Mackworth road which joined about here; there is a depression in the side bank near here which could be it, or note the very old hedge on the other side of the gate.

To proceed move out on the tarmac path and soon on your right a grass path, in the distance an old Oak which is on the Enclosure maps.

A gentle uphill walk with the old road in a hollow way on your right.  Much of the old road is soggy [sometimes a winter pond] and easier viewed from above.

Note exits on your left to the Ashbourne road and paths to these.

Eventually your ahead path is hedged off.  Here in places, the ground has been dug by animals -so beware of ankle trapping holes in the ground.

When ready, exit from the top gate and turn right, walk uphill to corner.  Beware of traffic -busy road.

Just go round the corner and stand on the last part of the path.  Look across the road, through the holes in the hedge you may be able to see the last trace of the old road.  Careful here missing pavement this side.