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Webmaster interest-

These are games which are free to put on my Website from my hosting contract with 1and1.

There are a few more, along with news ,weather etc.

This is a Link to 1and1, if you are considering a website it may be of interest -otherwise just Ignore it.

Youngsters only click on the Games list.

Mum & Dad will not like it if you click on adverts till you are older or they are with you.

Problems; sometimes you may click on a game and nothing seems to happen & further clicking does nothing; What may have happened is the game window has started behind the web page, Reduce the web page top right corner; find the minus/box/red square click the minus & web page will drop to task bar.

Another is the game may become too large for the screen; top right minus/box/red square, click  the box it should position better.

Quite speccy like