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A well known park, though the reasons why it is so well known are not.

It is not; the first park.

It is not the first Arboretum, but Louden did play a role in getting the word arboretum into Gardener’s parlance.

The Civic significance is that it is the first park, designed as a Public Park from the onset.  There are greater parks and arboretums which were designed for a rich person’s pleasure which were after use given or sold for public use.

Derby townsfolk were the first to have a bespoke park.

Many have followed as the rise in a consciousness of the Public benefit had begun, till nowadays a green space is seen as essential by many, it was just seen first at Derby.  And they came from far off to see it, the Railways were entering their expansion into a network service.

Two men are responsible for this park, Joseph Strutt and John Claudius Louden.  The simple story is that Joseph Strutt paid for it and J C Louden made it but this is far too simple.

These two knew each other.  Strutt put more than his money into this.

Perhaps that is the important thing, if they had not both been in on this, neither man would have succeeded by themselves in creating Derby’s most significant Park.

An innovative Industrialist with money and an interest in Horticulture joined to a prolific garden writer and ideas man.


‘The Arboretum’

Strutt’s name

‘Derby Arboretum’

As known Worldwide

‘The Arbo’

As locals call it.