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The HoneyPot

Honey and Beekeeper supplies.

[top right] Beehives on site in Heather moorland, Beehives are manmade houses for each hive.  Bees pay ‘rent’, in Honey and Wax surplus.

[lower right] Combs full of honey are in the boxes on the left of the press.  

Bees make the combs of beeswax, and fill these with honey. However the Queen is excluded in a manmade hive from the removable combs and no eggs are laid in the combs removed for the beekeepers and customers share of the harvest.

The Queen lays in combs below which are not removed, only the surplus is taken.The press is only a few feet/metres from the customer buying a jar of honey in the shop.

Opening Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, 12 - 5pm (Due to the nature of the business, times might vary.)

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when new Honey collected it should be announced.

Bees many Air miles are Carbon friendly.

Pictures of Heather Honey, other flowers give different flavours, textures & fragrance.