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History, Heritage and I hope some Mundy Family tales and if its interesting any other stuff too.

Anything to do with Markeaton which a visitor might find of interest.

As you all know my fellow workers in this subject area have all died in recent years, I no longer see the reason to maintain this site as a “T.L.D.’” Website.

This domain title will be abandoned in the next year or so.

Contents will move on to a subdomain of: derby-in-derbyshire.org.uk

R.I.P. Charles, Don, Chris.

The “pièce de résistance” intended by Charles and myself in the original formation of markeaton.info is indefinitely set aside.

Brian. 25/08/2016

 “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men “

Markeaton Park

The City of Derby in the UK, is well blessed with parks due to several considerate benefactors and some favourable offers taken up by forward thinking councillors.

Derby’s most significant park is the much smaller  historic Derby Arboretum.  The first public park designed as such and given to the public, it is of historic interest to an International audience.

Darley Abbey park in the writer’s view is Derby’s  most beautiful park, being the side of a valley, but perhaps for the weeks of Autumn the Arboretum takes the ribbon.

Some Others Parks well worthy of a mention;

Back to Markeaton park.

Markeaton Park is the premier park among these [mapped here]; over 200 acres with attractions to match, children’s play areas, a railway, craft village, pitch & putt, boating, fishing and walking.  Car parks are pay & display but the park is free to enter.  Markeaton Park is popular outside the Derby area.

Why not help yourself to the Blog, learn about it here, or read the Blog roll here and judge for yourself.

Finding Markeaton Park in England UK; its very near the centre of England.  North quarter of the crossing of the A52 & A38 roads is the Markeaton Park.  Here there is a tight turn leading to the larger car park, take care this can be a busy island with a slow down as soon as you turn -pedestrian traffic!  It goes; A52 to Derby centre, A38 to Burton, Petrol station, A52 to Ashbourne, get into outer lane for sharp left before A38 heads North.  Recommend map study before first attempt.  


BOTH CAR PARKS HAVE HEIGHT BARRIERS AT 2m, these are opened for various services and may be closed without warning when the job is done.  No problem to vehicles under this height!

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Enjoy,  for more information on Markeaton Park why not pay a visit!



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The website name is released, just claim it if you want it. This is now a sub-domain with the hefty but cheaper addresss of:www.markeaton.info.derby-in-derbyshire.org.uk