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The picture is of a very good specimen in the care of Derby University’s Library at the Kedleston Road site in Derby.

There seem to be quite a few copies about, many with no covers because it was only a shilling unbound.

Clearly people read them and handed them down, there could be many copies in lofts around the City.

I have been allowed to photograph a special copy which means no copyright infringement as it has an inscription dated 1881.  Mr T Husbands own copy.  Still in good condition though not perfect, it may have been in Gardeners pockets around the Arboretum many times in its working life.  To hold it steady for pictures it was weighted down with shillings and sixpences, note that this is no longer U.K. Currency.

We are keeping the owners identity quiet for now, but if you have any comments or thanks for the owner markeaton info will gladly pass the on, he has looked after it awhile now. [How you found it useful etc.] The book is returned.

The Derby Arboretum

By      J C Louden

This would have  been the ultimate visitors guide for many years, now the main history reference.

Its Grove St Lodge, note the visitor entrance through the door porch, and no large trees behind.