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Copyright issues;

Copyright lasts for seventy years after the death of the creator of the original artwork.

This applies to photographs where the person who takes the picture then holds copyright.

Where a photographer is paid for his/her services, the copyright is still the photographers unless stated as transferred in the contract of sale.  The copyright applies to the original artwork which can be copied.

If a photograph is taken whilst on private land without permission or pictures taken of a registered business activity, the land or business owner may have rights against the photographer, as the business might be considered as original creative work itself or reputation which can be stolen or damaged.

What is created belongs to its creator.

Most of the time there are no great problems.

It is therefore possible to own a copy of an original work by gift or purchase, without any title to the original.  However with local history pictures, the provenance may be of considerable interest as is the place & date and who to ask for access to the rest of that collection, in the case of further studies.  Note that realistically; who has the best copy is often the main point or an original negative.

If you have information on any picture, move your cursor over the top left and the number will appear, refer to this number: webmaster@markeaton.info

The information should be considered as guidance only and not a legal comment.