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I have been given a photocopy of the Probate copy of Emily Mundy’s Will.

I have copied it to a text document in a line for line arrangement, so fifth text line down on a given page is the same.  Some of the original is in big letters and sometimes smaller ones to get a lot in, therefore there is a great difference in line length, all text is left formatted and empty space will be on the right.

Counting the first page of the Will as page 1 is reproduced in the copy, but there are more pages in the full Probate, indeed the original Will may have been on different page(s) arrangement [this is a copy of a copy for Probate].

The original is pen and ink cursive so it is reproduced in “Lucida Handwriting” font, to give it the look. Square brackets indicate my insertions for position information in Verdana font.  If your computer does not have “Lucida Handwriting” font, you may see it in another font.

Punctuation is either missing or did not reproduce in photocopy in many places, I have not inserted anything I did not see.


PROBATE ENGROSSMENT [ page 1; 14/8/1913]

This is the last Will and Testament

This is of interest to Derby people because of the gifts and beneficial arrangements made by the Family to our Heritage and Parklands.

Please treat with respect, for the Family it is much more personal.  “To us”, said Charles, “she would be ‘cousin Emily’”.

Everyone is an autocrat in their Will whether it much or scant they leave. Unlike the rest of our life the less practical heart of each one is often more on show, and the things of the Times.  Besides local History we may know her a little more.


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