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Gardens of Nomenclature is a Google Custom Search.

Custom searches are customised by a user, its still a Big G search “under the bonnet” as they say {hood USA}. Which is fine by me, because I can use my ‘subject’ experience to customise a Google search -but would have no idea how to build an efficient search engine like the big G!

It may be easier to think of it as a set of several predefined assisted searches, adapted but not restricted [in this one] to a particular subject enquiry type.  Other Horticultural search terms are added to yours each time.

I collected Website address’s [500+] which held good information, Plant societies, Botanic Gardens & Parks, some Universities came up in searches and these were added.  Which gives “Gardens of Nomenclature” a 500+ index to use ahead of the Google index (it uses the Google Index after).  

Some Botanic gardens were also Zoos & when plant pests and country parks get added possibly information on most animals is also included.  This list is searched as a priority, and some search words + what you type in the box.

Its a tad slower perhaps but its doing a lot of work. Results tend to be cleaner. Very few persons would type this many search terms/qualifiers into a search, here the customisation [stored at Google] does it every time.  The row of terms under the search box are click-able and throw in additional search terms.  For instance if you want to search only the 500+ list, click; “Just the List”.  

I still add sites to the list. I have not set the custom search to exclude anything, just to prioritise natural things, so the whole web is still searched.

YOUR SEARCH WORD(S)>pre-selected Websites>then Google index of WWW.

Some extra tips on searching from Google

The results are cleaner, higher skill level etc., but as Google is already very good, sometimes it only “guilds the Lily”.  As the search also does the full www [except if you press ‘Just the List’] you may use it for anything if you wish or like/want the horticultural bias.

Did it take a lot of time? Don’t ask.  But then it serves my interest too.  B.

Notes on “Gardens of Nomenclature”

Like a copy of this custom search from Google?

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