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[PROBATE ENGROSSMENT, page  4; cont, second codicil  16/7/1918]

intention to first discharge  the said mortgage debt and

after deducting the costs and expenses incurred in connection

with the said sale from the balance of the purchase

money to transfer the remainder of the same to the said

William Gilchrist Clark Maxwell to whom I give and

bequeath the same   And whereas I have made Lists in

a book of the things I wish given at my death to various

persons and have also given to each one a copy of

such List so far as it concerns him or her  Now I

hereby bequeath to each person named in such lists

with the exceptions mentioned below the things therein

stated to be for him or her and I declare that the respective

legates shall pay the Legacy Duty on their respective bequests

With regard however to the things set down for my nieces

Mabel Cooper and Julia Cavendish I direct that these

shall be held for the said Mabel Cooper and Julia Cavendish

respectively for life only and that on the death of the said

Mabel Cooper the things in her List shall be held in

trust for her son Douglas absolutely and at the death

of the said Julia Cavendish the things in her List shall

be held in trust for her two boys Henry and Geoffrey

absolutely in such shares as the said Julia Cavendish

shall by Will appoint  In Witness whereof I have

hereunto set my hand to this Codicil to my said Will

this 16th day of July One thousand nine hundred and eighteen

----------------Emily M G Mundy ----------------

Signed by the Testator Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy

and by her declared to be a Codicil to her last Will

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