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PROBATE ENGROSSMENT [ page 1; 14/8/1913]

This is the last Will and Testament

-------------- of me --------------

Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy of Markeaton

Hall in the County of Derby Widow  I revoke all other

testamentary dispositions and I appoint the Reverend

William Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell and his Wife

Harriet Alice Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell to be

Executor and Executrix of this my Will  I give

and bequeath to the said William Gilchrist Clark-

Maxwell all rents due or occruing due to me at the

time of my death and also all cash then standing

to my credit with my Bankers  I give and bequeath

to the said Harriet Alice Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell my

three diamond brooches diamond ear rings and a miniature

of Mr Mundy dated 1771 set in diamonds  I give and

bequeath to the said William Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell

and Harriet Alice Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell all the remainder

of my jewellery china plate furniture horses carriages

live and dead stock and all other my goods chattels

and effects in or about Markeaton Hall relying upon

them carrying out my wishes with regard to these

things  I declare that this Will shall not operate in any

way either directly or indirectly as an appointment

under the power given to me by the Will of my husband

Francis Noel Mundy or affect the Mansion House at

Markeaton or other real estate devised thereby

In witness whereof I have to the foot or end of  

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