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[PROBATE ENGROSSMENT, page 2; 14/8/1913

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this my Will set my hand this fourteenth day of August

One thousand nine hundred and thirteen. —–––––––––

-----------Emily M G Mundy -----------------

Signed by the Testatrix Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy

and by her declared to be her last Will and Testament

in the presence of us both present at the same time who

in her presence at her request and in the presence of

each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

Godfrey Mosley Solicitor Derby. -------------------

F Townsend, Clerk to Messrs. Taylor Simpson & Mosley

Solrs Derby------------------------

[end of will 14/8/1913]

[next first codicil 13/4/1916]

This is a Codicil to the last Will of me

Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy which Will bears

date the fourteenth day of August One thousand nine

hundred and thirteen  Whereas I have now made a

List of China, Pictures, Furniture and other effects in a

black covered book written out by me and entitled "Book

of things to be sold for two Charities after my death"

and dated 10th April 1916.  Now I hereby direct the

Executor and Executrix appointed by my said Will to

sell all the things enumerated in the above mentioned

book by Public Auction and to divide the net proceeds

after payment of the expenses of sale, between the Treasurers

of the Queen Victoria Memorial Home of Rest, Derby, and

the Derbyshire Hospital for Women, Derby, for the purposes

of the said Home and Hospital respectively to whom I

bequeath the same, and it is my express wish that

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