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[page 3; cont, first codicil 13/4/1916]

the advertisement of the sale should set out the reason

therefor and this bequest of the proceeds   In Witness

whereof I have set my hand to this Codicil to my said

Will this 13th day of April One thousand nine hundred

and sixteen  -----------------

-------------------Emily M G Mundy ---------------

Signed by the said Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy

as a Codicil to her Will in the presence of us who at

her request, in her presence, and in the presence of each

other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

Marion E Bassell. Avon Wassell  Warwickshire  (Married woman)

Godfrey Mosley 35 St. Mary's  Gate, Derby Solicitor  -----

[end of first codicil 13/4/1916]

[second codicil  16/7/1918]

This is a Codicil  to the Will of me

Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy which Will

bears date the fourteenth day of August One thousand

nine hundred and thirteen  Whereas I have recently contracted

to sell Bowbridge House Farm and Bowbridge Fields Farm

for the total sum  including timber of Fourteen thousand

five hundred and fifty five pounds with the intention

of paying off the existing mortgage for Six thousand

pounds on part of the Mackworth Estate and of

handing over the balance of the said sum of Fourteen

thousand five hundred and fifty five pounds after payment

of all expenses in connection with the sale of the

property to the Reverend William Gilchrist Clark-Maxwell

for his own use  Now I hereby direct my Executers

in the event of my dying before carrying out such

[End of page 3, 2nd codicil cont page 4]

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