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[page  5; cont, second codicil  16/7/1918]

and Testament in the presence of us both present at the

same time who in her presence at her request and in the

presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names

as witnesses ----------------

Godfrey Mosley Solicitor Derby --------------

George Robinson Markeaton Hall Derby Butler -----------

[End of second codicil  16/7/1918]

[Conveyance  28/10/1919]

By a Conveyance dated the twenty

eight day of October One thousand nine hundred and

nineteen and made between Hannah Smith and Wilfred

Arthur Smith of the first part Edward Barton and Walter

Stretton of the second part me, Emily Maria Georgiana

Mundy of Markeaton Hall in the County of Derby Widow

of the third part and Ada Evans, Rebecca Alton Arkwright,

Lucy Wheeldon, John Gretton, Ada Elizabeth Briggs and the

Reverend Alfred Ezra Hunt (all of which parties of the

fourth part are the present Trustees of the Derbyshire

Hospital for Women and are thereinafter and hereinafter

referred to as "the Hospital Trustees") of the fourth part

All that messuage or dwellinghouse with the yard

thereto and the bottling warehouses stables and premises

situate and being Number 18 Bridge Street Derby have been

conveyed unto and to the use of the Hospital Trustees in

fee simple upon certain trusts therein declared or referred

to the consideration money for such conveyance having

been found and provided by me as a free gift to such

Hospital I have also in such conveyance covenanted to

pay the valuation money therein referred to and also

[End of page  5, cont page 6]

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