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[Page 9; fifth codicil cont 29/9/1925]

request hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses------

Godfrey Mosley Solr. Derby ----------------------

George Robinson Markeaton Hall Butler ------------

[sixth codicil, 5/2/1926]

I Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy of Markeaton

Hall in the County of Derby Widow declare this to be

a Codicil to my last Will which bears date the

fourteenth day of August One thousand nine hundred

and thirteen -----------------------

1. I give to my Nephew Noel Cousins an annuity during

the lifetime of his Father of One hundred pounds per

annum payable by equal half yearly payments

2. In the event of my residual estate (out of which

the annuity is to be primarily payable) being insufficient

for the payment of the said annuity I hereby in

exercise of the power of appointment conferred upon me

by the Will of my late Husband Francis Noel Mundy

charge the balance of the said annuity on the Lawn

Farm Markeaton during the lifetime of the Father of the

said Noel Cousins--------------------

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand

this fifth day of February One thousand nine hundred

and twenty six ---------------------------------

---------------------Emily M G Mundy------------------

Signed by the said Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy

as a Codicil to her last Will in the presence of us

both present at the same time who at her request

in her presence and in the presence of each other do

[End of page  9, sixth codicil, 5/2/1926 cont]

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