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Pet Cemetery.

The pillar in the pet cemetery is rumoured to be the marker for a horse grave, Charles present Mundy family representative was sure no horse was buried here.  So what is the pillar for or what is it?

The group meeting at the pet cemetery including Charles, is the;

Derby Heritage Forum,

yours truly wished these members to apply their talents to this small puzzle.

It would seem;

The top is a decorative top for a gate post.

The middle section is probably from a chimney.

The lowest stone is older, used twice before, original use unknown though clearly it looks ‘high status’ or of religious use. Then cuts for another purpose before its present use. Stone is probably from one of two local old quarry sites.

No invasive test or checks were done.

If you have Don Farnsworth’s book: “A history of Markeaton and Mackworth” compare p 179 & p 37.

High status first use, cut into for second use and now as base of pillar.

To find the pet cemetery,

from the terrace go left of the tennis courts, pitch and putt to your left,

follow that path and the pet cemetery is among the trees to the left of your path.

BEWARE OF THE HA-HA which is the boundary of the pitch and putt here, don’t fall in!

Mundy Pet Cemetery