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McDonald’s restruant Ashbourne Road/ A38 Island

For visitors, places nearby opening times.

Information available on the www. Supplied for your convenience only, no endorsement implied.

Started 27/7/22010

Will expand.

Thinking mainly of visitors, who come and then want the nearest this or that.  Don’t we also all find ourselves in this situation when we visit somewhere else?  

Some shops/services are already hosting web sites or have opening times online, this will not be a service to businesses as such.  I do not have the time to update times for shops, but where these times are online I am happy to link to them as a service to markeaton.info visitors.

I am looking for places in the adjacent quadrants; Allestree, West End, Mackworth Estate or Mackworth Village.  It must be reasonably easy for a stranger to Markeaton Park to locate the service -after a day in the Park.

As a guide markeaton.info requires;

a URL to the page which hosts the times.

And it would be nice to have any or all the following;

Which quadrant the service is in. [to in time sort the entries]

A brand name where applicable. [For customer choice]

Postcode. [Sat Nav users]

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