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All my websites and Email, are hosted by 1 and 1, as Hosting Service Provider. That is; the websites are made on my computer then uploaded to 1 and 1’s servers. While my computer is off  and I sleep, .. 1 and 1 host the websites 24/7.  I use a Home package + a few Domains.

Most work on the websites is carried out using Serif software; mainly Web Plus and Photo Plus. Serif has free editions; WebPlus  and PhotoPlus great for youngsters and the curious, click on links to download the free software or look at the latest X5WebPlus. Serif still provide a printed manual, which I like as I particularly dislike the clutter of home printed ones.

1and1 will give you some customer software.

As a source of tips and news ‘SitePro news’ is a nice service, this is a free newsletter with adverts.

Lots of free reading here!

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I have been fascinated by Nature since childhood esp’ plants and in Computers since early 1980’s. After redundancy from my proper job in 1995, I have done courses in electronics and Internet etc. [CNC metal machinist, C&W BREL].  Became involved with Derby Heritage Forum - I had a theory Roman Derby had a Lake [to 50m contour].

Some links about how things run.....                Brian.

These are just notes on how I do it, there are many many choices, after learning HTML used WebPlus 9 started with 1and1- about 10 or so years ago.  Markeaton.info is a more recent project of others.