F11 toggle IE & Firefox

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The website is now being changed from using an A4 page portrait display, to a landscape display, still of A4-ish proportions.

As more people are seeing the display on a modern monitor, this uses the monitor screens fully.

If you know about the F11 key, use it on this site.


Most Browsers use the F11 key - top row on your keyboard look above the letter P.

This key is a “toggle key”, press to change, next press change back.

One press, unless you’ve already done so will remove most of the browser’s information at the top of the screen, you will see the website filling your screen.

<F11>Website fills screen<F11>Browser controls on screen<F11>Website fills screen><F11>..etc...etc..

Try it now and see the ..........

Extra space

this is why some of the pages changed over now look a little empty!

Toggle F11 for .............

F11 on Internet Explorer & Firefox & Google Chrome browsers, is a very useful key; use it on almost all websites so as to just visit the site.  When surfing its not so useful.