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[PROBATE ENGROSSMENT, Page 6 Conveyance  28/10/1919 cont]

other moneys should same be requested for vacant possession

of the premises included in such conveyance  Now for the

purposes of confirming the aforesaid conveyance and gift

removing all doubts as to its efficacy in the event of

my death within Twelve calendar months I hereby devise

the said premises comprised in the before recited conveyance

so far as I have any estate or interest therein in the

event of my death within Twelve calendar months from

the date of the said conveyance to the use of the said

Hospital Trustees in fee simple  Upon the trusts declared

concerning the same referred to or set out in the said

conveyance  And I further direct the Executors of my Will

or other my personal representatives to pay and provide

the valuation moneys and other moneys if any which

may become payable for estate duty in the event of my

death or under my covenants in such conveyance or in a

Memorandum signed by me dated the twenty second day

of October last and also any estate duty which may become

payable by the Hospital Trustees in the event of my death

within the prescribed period   As witness my hand

this 3rd day of November One thousand nine hundred

nineteen .----------------------

-------------Emily M G Mundy------------------

Signed by the said Emily Maria Georgiana Mundy as a testamentary

disposition in the presence of us both present at the same time who in her

presence and the presence of each other have hereunto set our names as witnesses

S Grimwood Taylor Solicitor Derby------------

H Bennett Clerk to Messrs. Taylor, Simpson & Mosley Solrs. Derby–––––-

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