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Watery Sunrise1, Craig Spacey Watery Sunrise2, Craig Spacey

Watery Sunrise on an October Morning.

Originals 2mp from a camera phone, reduced for web.

Pictures by Craig Spacey.

A sunrise with a green tint!

The camera-phone;

Sony Ericsson W180i with 2-megapixel camera.

Besides the size reduction the pictures have also been cropped top and bottom but no other processing.

The phone also sent the pictures to me, after I had admired these two pics on the phone’s screen.

I liked the pictures and if a picture looks good on the small screen, then it should look good on the web -where it will be small!

2 Mega pixel or 2mp is a good size for web work, but reduction from bigger sizes is easy enough.

1 Mega pixel is larger than the monitor screen for most computers.